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my password is jell02

2010-05-10 23:33:09 by jell0-man

my password jell02 steal my account and change the password


2010-05-09 17:32:13 by jell0-man


Daily FAIL

2010-05-09 03:13:41 by jell0-man


Daily FAIL

Daily Fail Management

2010-05-09 02:43:49 by jell0-man

Daily Fail Management
-How ever many comments this post has is how many comments all my daily fails have together

FAIL #1~

Im back with the good news

2010-05-09 02:37:51 by jell0-man

my computer charger was lost and i found it about an hour ago so i have to catch up.

The News
My site
My site is temporarily down
I will start working on my site again soon but for now its hard to keep track so its on hold for now
Im going to try to reach 5000 soon
Daily Jello
Daily jello is cancelled
A new Daily post
A new daily thing im doing is the daily fail.
thats all folks

really big news

2010-05-02 23:13:55 by jell0-man

The wiki on my site is delayed.But it will be out next weekend

Daily Jello #13

2010-04-29 22:52:04 by jell0-man

Daily Jello #13:medals
I am on a big quest for medals and trying to get to 10,000 but i will never make it

Daily Jello #12

2010-04-28 22:56:29 by jell0-man

Daily Jello #12:klik28
klik28 is this kid on newgrounds and is really fun

Daily Jello #12

Daily Jello #11

2010-04-27 22:29:05 by jell0-man

Daily Jello #11:I got a logo
I made a logo for the daily jellos so now whatever post don't have a photo ill post the logo here it is

Daily Jello #11

Daily Jello #10

2010-04-26 00:39:19 by jell0-man

Daily Jello #10:MY 10th
My 10th daily jello HOORAY